Geeks Have Been Fighting In The Culture War A Long Time

By now the general public is seeing the results of the culture war. Riots in the streets, looting of stores, destruction of property, and the beating (and sometimes murder) of police and civilians alike. The persecution and demonizing of those who hold Western values and more specifically straight, white people. The “cancelling” of anyone who would speak out against the march towards authoritarianism.

These are the bitter fruits of the SJW writ large. The world is burning as a result.

Of course, those of us whose lives revolve around the world of comics, gaming, movies and TV know all too well about the culprits behind such pain and misery. We were the first to encounter them.

We have been fighting against them for years.

The culture war started when those who despised our culture started to attack it by interjecting their toxic ideology into the creative works that feed our culture. The games we play, the comics and books we read, the movies and TV shows we watch. Naturally, the first people to recognize something was wrong were those whose business it was to scrutinize these pursuits vigorously, namely Geeks.

But back in 2001 we didn’t quite understand exactly what was happening, only that we didn’t like the results. You see, one of the immediate by-products of a creative work whose creator is more focused on propaganda than story is that the work sucked. They also tended to ignore canon and shun the source material.

Massive battles were raged online between those who respected the source material and those who didn’t. Many of us had no idea the deeper, political motivations behind butchering our characters and stories. We just thought they were horrible storytellers not radical Marxist trying to indoctrinate us, overthrow our government and destroy our way of life.

Well, the whole world knows now. Welcome to the party, pal.

It’s quite possible that this culture war will only end via a civil war, which is unfortunate. But maybe, just maybe, if we all do our part to push back against the Marxist, the identitarians, and the gender obsessed weirdos we can put out the fires of the radical left. At the very least we can try.

This article aims to help add sexuality back to some of our female heroines.

From Carol Danvers To Carl Manvers

The character Carol Danvers has been around since the 60’s. Some of us mostly know her  as the gal whose powers were “permanently” absorbed by the X-Man Rogue but she has had numerous incarnations and book runs throughout the years. For almost her entire existence however, one thing didn’t change, she has always been a curvy blonde.

That is until she wasn’t.

Feminists on the left will often complain about what they call the ‘male gaze’ and the objectification of women. They are insulted by the very idea a man would find the appearance of a woman appealing (how dare he). One of their primary attacks against this via fictional female characters is to remove the attributes that generally make them attractive to men. They remove their curves, they harden their features, they extract their femininity.

They, ironically, strike out at the men they hate by making women more…manly. It is a both silly and disturbing reaction. One that you hope a character you love or are fond of doesn’t fall victim to. Unfortunately, the characters in this article have experienced just that.

Somewhere around the mid 2000’s Marvel made Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) the flagship character and subsequently began giving her the feminist treatment. Transitioning her from a woman to something else.

Not only did they begin to strip the character of her sexuality they began altering her personality and not in a good way. Richard C Meyer does an excellent job going over this phase to SJW marvel in one of his videos ‘Captain Marvel is everything wrong with SJW Marvel’.

Well around here we reject Carl Manvers. We love woman in all their glorious varieties. We love their lady parts and like to see their lady parts! It’s okay to be female Carol Danvers. We humbly offer our depiction of one of her earlier, ‘female’ incarnations.

Carol Danvers
Carol Danvers

She-Ra Loses Her Lady Bits

She-Ra was born from the original concept of a ‘female fashion action doll’ who was going to ride in on the coattails of He-man, who was extremely popular at the time. The Teela doll was selling very well for Masters so Mattel wanted a female doll that could compete with Barbie.

At first they had the character look similar to Teela but decided she should have her own look. They tried out few names, Leela, Shela, Hera. Finally, writer Larry DiTillio suggested that He’s (He-man) he, so she’s she. Ra was added, which is Egyptian for God. She-Ra, a female god. She was He-man’s twin sister and just as he exuded masculinity She-Ra exuded femininity.  They wanted to respect and show what it is to be female not just ape He-man.

“We wanted to showcase what is more inherently a girl kind of thing”

— Erika Scheimer (voice actor/director, filmation)

It made perfect sense, and it worked out well for the character. Of course, things were not perfect, they were happy with how the character looked but some writers, like J Michael Straczynski, felt constrained creatively by what they were not allowed to have the character do (by psychologist and toy company at the time) such as actually using her sword in a fight.

But that is another story. What’s important is that She-Ra was not a regressive or Marxist show by any stretch. They even had an episode where the bad guys were burning books. Because that is something that bad guys, not good guys, do.

In 2018, the SJWs came for She-Ra in the form of a 2018 reboot called She-Ra: Princess of Power.

The show ran for five seasons and was as pure in its propaganda as a show can get.

“the show reads as utterly queer in just about every aspect. In fact, if you were to make the argument that there’s no such thing as heterosexuality on Etheria, it wouldn’t be a hard sell. (I am making that argument, in case that wasn’t clear.) Most of the characters so far read fluidly on the gender and sexuality spectrum. ”

Showrunner Noelle Stevenson, in an interview, was asked by a network executive what the rainbow in the climax of the first season’s finale meant, Stevenson replied: “The gay agenda”.


First and second episode reviews by Clownfish TV who stopped reviewing the series because they ‘couldn’t stand it anymore’.

Using a beloved property to shoehorn in your agenda’s is grotesque but stripping the she god of her femininity is unforgivable.


As you can see they gave her the Carl Manvers treatment. It is disturbing how often alphabet people view female empowerment as removing that which most clearly signifies a female. Well, here at we say to thee nay to stripped down female bodies. We like our women with curves, which we will support and promote for as long as we are able.

She-Ra and Swift Wind
She-Ra and Swift Wind

The Devolution of Lara Croft

Gamers, for the most part, are extremely anti-SJW and are very good at pushing back against the horde when they encroach upon their lands. As such, we can attribute that to the reason why the Lara Croft situation isn’t as dire as the previous two. Nonetheless, eternal vigilance is the price we must pay. We have already seen what happens when we fall asleep on watch.

TOMB RAIDER Alicia Vikander PopcornX

As we can see, Lara Croft’s design is not getting better with time. The graphics sure, but that is no excuse for having her look more and more like a teenage boy. No offense Alicia Vikander.

Despite the assertion of progressive mouthpieces like the 

We find the existence of curvy, attractive action heroines as neither “embarrassing, sexist or ridiculous”. Thank you very much. In fact, we think it’s wonderful. Lara Croft didn’t become a gaming icon for nothing.

The lessening of Lara Croft’s, ahem, assets, began when game developer Crystal Dynamics took over the franchise with the debut of the 2006 game Tomb Raider: Legend. It has pretty much continued from that point out.

In 2018, another Tomb Raider movie was made but it only did ho-hum at the box office bringing in $274.7 million globally. It is said the film would have needed to make $275 million to break evenly, ouch.

Perhaps they will take this as a sign that they are going in the wrong direction. You see, sex appeal isn’t only something that was innate for Lara Croft, it also helps out when you drop the ball with storytelling.

Around here, we prefer the curvy Lara Croft. We’ll be happy to raid tombs with her any day.