Anthem Players Discover Default Weapons Stronger Than Legendary Gear

    Controversy surrounding Bioware’s Anthem has been plentiful of late and does not seem to be slowing down. Some players are reporting that the default weapons at the beginning of the game deal more damage than the legendary guns once you reach the end of the game.

    This hasn’t been officially tested by ourselves and there hasn’t been any statements from Bioware but the evidence is hard to ignore.

    The footage and quote above from Pushsquare shows exactly what we are talking about. “The clip shows Reddit user beatpeet42 using a legendary Ralners Blaze with a 225% damage modifier as he lays some potshots into an enemy, and then switching to the level 1 Defender assault rifle and dealing more damage than the high-end gun weapon does”. Basically this means that the fundamental purpose of the looter shooter is pointless. Why would you grind for hours in hopes of getting better gear when you can just use the weapons you start with in the beginning of the game?

    Sure this can be fixed but is the principle of the matter going to hold more weight or is the internet overreacting? Only the players can decide.

    Source: Pushsquare

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