Animated Gremlins Series Coming To WarnerMedia, Netlfix Orders Mike Flanagan Horror Series, and a Jacob’s Ladder Trailer?

    Animated Gremlins Series Coming To WarnerMedia

    Warner Bros. streaming service WarnerMedia is not letting the grass grow under its feat as it announces another series for the fledgling platform. Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is an animated series based on the iconic Gremlins franchise…or, at least, that first movie. 10 half-hour episodes have been ordered with Tze Chun writing the series as well as serving as co-executive producer.

    The story takes place in 1920’s Shanghai and features the old shop owner (Mr. Wing) from the first film as a young kid who meets, umm Gizmo. Fantastical adventures ensue?

    This layout seems a little odd to me. Largely because somehow this story winds up with Gizmo living in a box in an old shop. Not sure if that means the story has a happy ending or things went horribly, horribly awry.

    Mike Flanagan

    Netflix Orders Mike Flanagan Horror Series

    Horror director Mike Flanagan is still making good use of his red-hot streak. The director of the upcoming Stephen King adaptation Doctor Sleep along with partner Trevor Macy have just secured a deal with Netflix to produce a horror series called Midnight Mass under the banner of their company Intrepid Pictures.

    Spanning seven episodes, Midnight Mass entails an isolated island community that, upon the arrival of a young priest, begin to experience both miraculous and frightening events. Flanagan will direct with both he and Macy acting as executive producers.

    Still waiting to see if Flanagan drops the ball with Doctor Sleep. It doesn’t take very much for a hot director to turn cold. Especially if he allows his politics to corrupt his work.

    Jacob’s Ladder Trailer

    So….heh heh heee. It looks like someone thought it would be a “good” idea to remake the classic psychological horror film Jacob’s Ladder (1990) that starred Tim Robbins (before he went crazy). It stars Nicole Beharie, Michael Ealy and notorious race-baiter Jesse Williams. You know, the guy who helped kick off the culture war with his inane speech during 2016 BET Awards.

    Ugh. Change the name (stop trying to piggyback on bigger, better films). Get rid of Jesse Williams…replace him with pretty much anyone else. Do all that and you might, might have a B-horror movie worthy of an afternoon stream.

    You can do it. They replaced Kevin Spacey…they can certainly replace Mr. “black gold”.

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