Andrew Dice Clay and Roseanne Barr Team Up For The Mr. and Mrs. America Tour

    Legendary Comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Roseanne Barr are teaming up for a Mr. and Mrs. America comedy tour. In and interview with Fox News, Clay said that the idea came to him as a response to the “policing” of comedians:

    “She’s a comic because she’s wacky. I’ve known her since we were kids. When people ask about what she said, I say, She’s a comic!? We gotta stop policing comedians. This is America!”

    Clay is no stranger to the ‘Roseanne treatment’, having been shunned and ostracized himself for comments deemed by some to be homophobic and sexist.

    “America really needs to lighten up and not worry about the words comedians use because it’s all we have. There’s clean stuff and there’s street stuff. I’m a street guy because I tell it like it is, I’m living it more now than I have for a really long time. My shows have been longer, my material is fresher. With these shows, I can do as long as I want because it’s one show a night.”

    — Andrew Dice Clay

    After losing her show and then demonized by the left for saying that Valerie Jarrett looked like someone from the Planet of the Apes movies (She does), Roseanne, who was already Anti-PC, joined those like myself and became a staunch soldier in this global culture war threatening to destroy western civilization.

    Roseanne has made a home for herself on YouTube and has been embraced with open arms by the IDW (Intellectual Dark Web) and the Anti-SJW crowd, interviewing with people like An0maly, Candace Owens and Laura Loomer.

    It’s great that these two are getting together I think they will make for an interesting tour. I hope they take Nick Di Paolo’s lead and unleash no holds barred performances. The only way out of this culture war is through, the sooner people understand that the better. Hopefully, other prominent comedians will see this and be not afraid to stand against censorship, authoritarianism and the quelling of political and social discourse.



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