An Early Mark Waid Essay Slamming America Was Removed From Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary Issue

    Mark Waid is an SJW.

    But long before that he was an all around scumbag. I suspect that most who evolve into full-fledged social justice warriors have deep psychological issues. Waid’s history of bizarre behavior only strengthens this theory. He yells at girl scouts. He has a documented abusive past with people he has worked with. He was sued by Richard C. Meyer for Tortious interference in which Meyer claimed Waid threatened comic book publisher Antarctic Press into cancelling their deal with Meyer to publish his book Jawbreakers (which went on to raise over $400,000 on Indiegogo).

    26 Year Comic Book veteran Ethan Van Sciver thinks he’s trash.

    He called a black guy a ‘borderline white supremacist’ for crying out loud.

    This is…not a good dude. This is an individual who has severe anger issues and a God complex who hates the country in which he resides. Who feels that it is perfectly fine to gate keep against those with whom he disagrees with.

    Like I said, Mark Waid is a scumbag.

    Which brings us to today’s news. A earlier version of an essay that Mark Waid wrote for a comic celebrating Marvel’s 80th Anniversary was removed and replaced in later printings. The first essay was said to be removed because it was critical of America.

    “The system isn’t just. We’ve treated some of our own abominably,” he wrote. “Worse, we’ve perpetuated the myth that any American can become anything, can achieve anything, through sheer force of will. And that’s not always true. This isn’t the land of opportunity for everyone. The American ideals aren’t always shared fairly. Yet without them, we have nothing.”

    He went on to write, “America’s systems are flawed, but they’re our only mechanism with which to remedy inequality on a meaningful scale. Yes, it’s hard and bloody work. But history has shown us that we can, bit by bit, right that system when enough of us get angry. When enough of us take to the streets and force those in power to listen. When enough of us call for revolution and say, ‘Injustice will not stand.’”

    One can only imagine the tirade he launched when he was told that his first version wasn’t going to fly. I would have loved to have seen that.

    Unfortunately, Marvel didn’t boot him from the book altogether, instead they let him rewrite the essay to not be so vile and toxic. According to Art Spiegelman whose essay was refused completely because it slammed the President, this is a part of Marvel’s new policy of “not allowing its publications to take a political stance.”

    Not sure I believe that, but it would be a step in the right direction if it were true. I think we are all growing weary of listening to other people’s politics.

    Source TheHollywoodReporter

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