Directed by Tiago Mesquita and written by Mark Morgan, Among the Shadows features a private investigator who must unravel the murder of her uncle at the same time keep the secret that she is a descendant from a line of werewolves.

Toruk's Take

Oh Lindsay…poor, poor Lindsay. I’ve seen porno’s with bigger budgets than this. What happened sweetheart?  Have you been blacklisted? Are we looking at a #methree down the pike? This was painful to watch. I hid behind my fingers not because it was scary…but because I felt embarrassed for those involved.

I think we have finally answered the age-old question: what’s worse…picking trash up on the side of the highway or being in a movie like this.

Hand me the trash spike…please.


Among the Shadows starring Lindsay Lohan, Charlotte Beckett and Gianni Capaldi oh who cares where this shows up!