Amazon Pegs Nick Santora As Jack Reacher Series Showrunner

    Amazon, who is developing a series based off of Lee Child’s wildly popular Jack Reacher novels has brought on Nick Santora as writer and showrunner.
    Santora is the creator of the ‘Scorpion’ series. The series aired on CBS and ran for four seasons. Two other shows he is tied to are Breakout Kings and Fox’s Prison Break.

    Nick Santora

    Scorpion currently has a 7.1 rating on IMDB, which for a TV show is on the low side. The series was about a genius who formed a group with other geniuses to act as a last line of defense against the ‘complicated’ threats of the modern world.

    Indeed. I wonder what exactly they deemed as ‘threats’.

    I like Tom Cruise as much as the next guy but he was not nor will he ever be Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher’s size is as crucial to his character as his renown silences; punctuated by hilarious rants.

    Excerpt from the novel Persuader:

    “Big gouges in the paint,” he said. “Small dent in the door. I think you did it with your head. The roof is a little caved-in, too. “

    “I’ll say I hit a deer. “

    “I’m not sure they have deer out here. “

    “A bear, then,” I said. “Or whatever. A beached whale. A sea monster. A giant squid. A huge woolly mammoth recently released from a melting glacier.”

    Not to mention that they butchered the story and character with the second film. Heck, now that we are on the subject they started off on the wrong foot altogether by not doing the books in order. Killing Floor is a fantastic way to introduce the character and is a rip-roaring ride of a novel. The unmitigated arrogance of those who work in Hollywood truly baffles me sometimes.

    I like the idea of a series as I feel it better reflects the way the novels proceed, almost in an episodic fashion. If done properly we won’t have to rush storylines and we can gradually introduce the great characters that inhabit Reacher’s world; Seargent Frances Neagley being one of my favorites.

    I haven’t seen any of the shows he’s behind so I don’t know anything about this guy Santora or whether or not he has what it takes to bring Jack Reacher to life properly. He used to be lawyer…how that translates to action and a soldier/Military Cop like Jack I don’t know. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope this guy doesn’t screw things up.

    Cautiously optimistic.

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