Alec Baldwin Bows Out of ‘Joker’ Movie

    Alec Baldwin, who was just only announced a few days ago as playing Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne in Todd Philips’ Joker film revealed that is no longer the case.

    “I’m no longer doing that movie, I’m sure there are 25 guys who can play that part.”

    Toruk’s Take

    I pretty much said all I wanted to say about this particular project before. The project, the entire concept just smells bad. The phrase ill-conceived just doesn’t do this project justice. Hard to know for sure but Baldwin’s comment about 25 guys being able to play the part tells me that there was not much meat to the role. Which begs the question, why bring Thomas Wayne into the film at all? Especially if you aren’t going to do anything interesting with him? One wonders what other strange decisions we will discover around this production as it moves forward.

    How the Joker ‘became’ the Joker is an okay idea as a one-off in a Batman series or comic book.

    As an entire movie?…I couldn’t care less.

    Source: Variety

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