After Years Of Erasing Classic Redheaded Characters Hollywood Cast A Redhead To Play A Redhead…Too Little Too Late?

    For years, Hollywood has derived sadistic enjoyment in taking characters that were originally redheads and race-bending them. Bounding Into Comics has a list that brings this number to a staggering 27. One is chance, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern. Twenty-seven?

    Poison Ivy Casting

    That’s an agenda.

    But we knew this. Erasing red heads was just a small component of the culture war that consisted of tearing down the icons of the enemy (us), piece by piece. One of the results of this war was that many of us completely cut off these properties and any other project or work produced by people we knew, or even suspected of being complicit in these acts. The CW’s Batwoman, for instance, is a show any self-respecting Anti-SJW would steer far, far clear of.

    Between interviews with the creators and the horrific ad campaign this show practically screamed that storytelling was not even close to a high priority. That spot was reserved for leftist propaganda and boy did it live up to its label. While this commitment to promoting the progressive narrative that all white men are evil, all women are goddesses, and all black males are innocent cherubs sent from heaven, may keep the hardened social justice warrior glued to the screen a spectacular failure in storytelling may not be enough to keep the uninitiated interested.

    Batwoman started out with 1.860 million viewers in October of 2019. The second season tapped out at just a little over 400,000. That’s a 78% free fall in viewership. Was it something they said?

    With these types of ratings one can’t help but to wonder if the season three casting of Redheaded actress Bridget Regan (Paradise Lost) as DC Comic’s iconic supervillainess Poison Ivy is nothing but a cynical and desperate move by executives trying to woo the true fanbase to watch a dying series.

    They have shown us what they think of us and the things we love. They have spit in our faces on social media and in their hit-pieces. How many times will we attempt to kick the ball held out deviously by Lucy? If you are reading this and you are tempted to tune in. I offer you one word.


    Let them drown. If the shoe were on the other foot they wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to you.

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