Adaptation for Image Comics’ ‘Torso’ Is Dead

    Torso is a true crime graphic novel co-written by Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Adreyko and drawn by Bendis. It deals with the true story of the Cleveland Torso Murderer. At one point in time there was to be a feature film adaptation of the property by Paramount Pictures. Paul Greengrass (best known for his helming of the Jason Bourne franchise) was set to direct. At least, that was then, now the adaptation is toast.

    Word has it that the core problem seemed to revolve around the script. All the different versions of it (apparently there were many) were not representative of the book material.  This property has been bouncing around to different people for over a decade. Now, according to sources, it is finally well and dead.

    Strange scenario. I don’t know much about the graphic novel but a story that’s based on true events doesn’t sound like there would be much room for ambiguity. Could these folks really not make this happen because they couldn’t agree upon the style? Perhaps they should have heeded the age old adage…keep it simple, stupid.

    Source: Deadline

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