Academy Awards Fall To An All Time Low…Good

    The 2017 Academy Awards plummeted 19 percent from last year to 26.5 Million viewers. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, for a second consecutive year. If you’re a conservative, Kimmel’s antics on his talk show are more than enough to keep you away. I never watch these anyway but Variety reports that this year was not as politics heavy as recent award shows. However, the damage of the past few years caused by political grandstanding, social virtue-signaling, and hypocritical finger waving from the Hollywood ‘elite’,  not to mention a gradual shift in interest from millionaires hungrily fellating each other while the average hardworking American is ignored, may have been more than enough to put some viewers off…permanantly.

    To sweeten the pot for viewers we had Frances McDormand talking about ‘inclusivity and representation’ in the industry. This of course, just means, less white guys. Careful what you wish for, Frances.  In terms of nominees, the Academy Awards hoped the audiences would be interested in movie like:

    The Shape of Water ( A woman who falls in love with and sleeps with a fish man).

    Moonlight ( A movie about a gay, black person).

    Get Out (A movie about how White People are evil…and scary).

    I can’t figure out why people are tuning out more and more… 🙄

    I smell a huge change coming to the media landscape. A change that will usher out these conceded degenerates and replace with them alternative talent. Talent that not only understands the general populace…but rolls up their sleeves and can go toe to toe with them on almost any issue imaginable, making for talent one can actually respect. A lot of this new talent can be found on YouTube. These individuals are smart, witty, and more importantly, they are genuine. In time, I believe this new brand of media will supplant most of what Hollywood has to offer.

    As far as I’m concerned, it can’t happen soon enough.

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