A Waterworld TV Series in the Works?

    Remember Waterworld?

    It was a 1995 big budget post-apocalyptic movie that was like Mad Max, except that, instead of a desert, it took place on Earth submerged in water. Clever, eh? Kevin Costner starred as an antihero with gills who drinks his urine. The whole thing cost $170 million and earned $264 million, not nearly enough to become a box office hit.

    Anyways, Dan Trachtenberg, who directed horror-thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane, is attached to a potential Waterworld TV series. AVClub reports that John Davis (one of the producers of the original film) wants to produce the show. Joining him is John Fox, who has been working with Davis on movies like Dolemite is My Name, Game Night, and Jungle Cruise. According to Fox, producers are currently negotiating with Universal Television. If the deal goes through, the Waterworld TV series might land ashore on Peacock. Trachtenberg, who is currently working on a Predator prequel set in the Wild West, would help direct the show. As for the story, it would take place decades after the events of the movie.

    In 1995, Kevin Reynolds helmed Waterworld. In addition, he wrote the John Milius’ version of Red Dawn and directed Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. One of its screenwriters was David Twohy, best known for his trilogy of movies featuring Vin Diesel’s space warrior Riddick.

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