A Breath of Fresh Air (4K OFFICIAL) | Nick Di Paolo

    Nick Di Paolo has released a full-length comedy special on his YouTube channel free for the public. Shot in New York at The Cohoes Music Hall, Stand-Up Global production presents an unfiltered routine from a man who has been on the comedy circuit for almost four decades.

    The veteran comedienne discusses topics ranging from religion, smoking, marriage and even kosher food. But where the special really shines the most are the instances where he unapologetically eviscerates the regressive left and SJW culture. And there are plenty of these instances. Di Paolo has clearly had enough of political correctness and it shows. The roasting of certain members of the The View is so funny it’s worth watching for that alone.

    The special lives up to its namesake because it truly is refreshing to hear a comedienne perform comedy without a ball-gag in their mouth. More please.


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