New Siren Teaser Trailer

    A short while back we took a look at the Siren teaser and had a few laughs.

    If you recall:

    “a mysterious girl shows up in the town of Bristol Cove, is revealed to be an ancient sea creature and accidentally starts a war”

    There’s a new teaser out, let’s see if it provides as much enjoyment as the last.

    “We’ve caught something we’ve never seen before”

    Hahaha…It’s a mermaid you bozo. Has this man never seen Splash (1984)? Once you’ve seen Daryl Hannah like that buddy there is no forgetting. Or how about merchandise from Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989)? Hans Christian Andersen? H.G. Wells The Sea Lady?? Good grief, where do they find these people? I love the table launching bit, I mean naturally she has super strength, right? Right. And…she’s into chicks and likes to rough guys up..of course! This series just gets better and better. The only thing missing is her pussy hat and she can join in the marches with the rest of the maniacs. I don’t know what’s worse, this teaser or that there are actual humans beings on YouTube anticipating this dreck. My hope in humanity has dwindled a bit today.

    Siren starring Eline Powell, Alex Roe, Ian Verdun, Rena Owen and Chad Rook airs on Freeform March 29, 2018

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